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We value our customers. We care about the success of your Company’s production process and product value. To satisfy your ESD requirements continues to be our priority. We maintain manufacturing in the East as well as in California to provide you with quality ESD products. For information, quotes or to place an order: 800.553.5015. Ask for Bette. Bette or her assistant will take personal care to process your request quickly and follow your order until completion

Work Surfaces Corp. was incorporated in California in 1982. Our manufacturing began in El Monte, 1998 relocating to Sierra Madre. Sierra Madre is nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains just east of Pasadena, CA., home of the Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses.

ESD Grounding System | ESD Grounding Hardware

Our Esd workstation grounding hardware is used extensively by Commercial Facilities and Government contractors. The common point ground bus bar holds at least eight wires and two banana plugs. The ground bolt, wrist strap receptacle, Esd floor mat and equipment can all be run to the common point ground. A ground cord is then run to earth ground. The ground bolt has 90 sharp teeth that bite into the Esd laminated work surface. The Esd wrist strap receptacle rotates to accommodate personal movement at the Esd workstation. The smooth release of the wrist strap protects it from unnecessary damage. The PDF file “Esd Workstations” illustrates suggested wiring of the grounding hardware and other workstation equipment. We stock the standard grounding hardware. Different Esd grounding kits are readily available for each individual grounding requirement.

ESD Workstation and Equipment | ESD Garments and Covers

The Airlite 3 and Polystat Esd materials are used for Esd workstation covers, chair covers and our Esd garments. The Esd workstation cover shields your work in progress and is also static control protection that helps your completed product to function accurately. With your dimensions we custom fit your existing chairs with Esd chair covers making them static free. Choose the best Esd garment for your personnel, enhancing static protection at the workstation or when moving Esd carts, cabinets, racks or equipment. We are happy to customize your Esd garments to your personal preferences. All Esd covers and garments come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

ESD Work Surface | ESD Table and Floormats

A dissipative table mat can turn a bench top into an Esd work surface. Add esd equipment such as a wrist strap receptacle, wrist strap, floor mat, ground cord and you are good to go. The Esd table and floor mats are sold cut to size with snaps installed or sold in rolls. The conductive floor mat can also come with a comfortable non-skid backing. These can be sold separately or in a workstation kit. We can help you with any esd manufacturing needs so give us a call today to learn more.
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